Lariana bathroom line by Patricia Urquiola

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola continues to expand her design empire by venturing into the often forgotten bathroom with a collection that includes a bathtub and washbasins for Agape. Lariana gives nod to Lake Como, formerly known as Larius, where Urquiola recently completed designing the Il Sereno five-star hotel. First up in the collection is the bathtub, which makes its debut in the hotel with its clean lines that form its compact silhouette, paying homage to early 20th century Milanese architecture. In addition to the tub, Lariana includes two washbasins, one oval and one round, that sit on top of the countertop. The designs also feature a curved bowl with a contrasting angular exterior, much like the bathtub, and come in either Cristalplant® or marble. The sinks also come in a freestanding version where the bowl sits off to one side with a shelf to store things.

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