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  • icosahedron — a polyhedron, one of the Platonic solids - denotes the element of water.



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Release date 2021
SQ.M. 215M2

Art connoisseurs… These clients want their homes to be their unique private galleries, and that's a no-brainer for IQOSA designers who have an eye for art and beauty.  The interior of this apartment in the Kyiv city center was designed with the client's art collection in mind. That's the reason every art object looks organic and interacts with other materials and design solutions. Shall we begin our tour?

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If you look at this living room closely, you’ll notice that the interior is meant for social gatherings. Client's request? To make a living room suitable for living his best life. Here you have a double-sided B&B sofa facing both TV and panoramic windows. The room also features accent Minotti armchairs in mint, thus making another perfect spot for private talks. Since the apartment is located on the top floor with an impressive city view, we didn’t cover all windows but let the outside look interact with the interior. Together with Orlinsky’s Kong sculpture, it creates a perfect reference to the movie we all know.

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Despite its compact look, the kitchen has everything needed to fix a meal or treat your guests with party snacks. An island has plenty of space for the people to gather around, and it also features a marble top with a carved-in sink. We united the island with the dining table, which wooden top we placed on the rock slab. Under a sophisticated Henge chandelier, it does look like a piece of art.

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Corridor by technical documents, but art hall in reality — that was our concept for this space. To create a gallery-like effect, we covered the walls with veneered panels and used special spotlights that we directed at the paintings. And it wouldn’t be IQOSA if we didn’t come up with the idea of how to play up the bench. Because of its bespoke design, it could easily be taken for art.

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This wardrobe area is as minimal as it could be in the place where art is in the center of attention. The built-in wardrobe is covered with gray doors that serve as a perfect base for brass accents like profiles and handles.

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The design of this bedroom is a masterclass for how to combine materials that seem incongruent at first. The polished metal and cool rough stone wall panels look festive against the monotonous gray wall of the TV zone and patterned flooring. But that’s exactly what keeps the room balanced. ⠀ The bed and rug define the sleeping zone and serve as accents. Their simple lines and forms even out the splash of textures behind the bed. While the wall decor gives the room a vivid masculine touch, Roll&Hill pendant lighting and Brokis bedside lamp add the needed coziness and softness.

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Our designers combined the open-plan bathroom with the bedroom in such a way that it’s possible to enjoy the panoramic view while taking a bath. The marble pattern of floor and ceiling panels repeats the room's color palette, and the same wall decor allows for smooth visual integration.

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