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  • icosahedron — a polyhedron, one of the Platonic solids - denotes the element of water.



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Release date 2019
SQ.M. 201M2

A business-class residential complex requires a business-class apartment interior that would make a clear statement on the style, preferences, and priorities of its resident. That's when the design becomes the speaker. For this two-bedroom apartment project, we used a lot of wooden, metal, and textile elements in brown tones. Their look alone creates the warm feeling of home. Grey and terracotta balance the overall palette and make accents that give the space volume and depth. There’s one more unique feature here that we haven’t done in other apartments – wooden ceilings that elaborated the overall geometry. It created symmetry and reflection without any glossy surfaces that are usually used for this. But let’s talk about it all in our room-by-room review.

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This light and spacious living room called for an open-planing design, which is why we united it with the kitchen space. The furniture and carpets, however, helped us zone the areas, so each would have a feeling of autonomy while being a part of the whole. Shiny metal became our main material for creating decoration that would blur the boundaries between styles and push the boundaries of elegance. A liquid metal sheet placed against the wall decorated with concrete and wood became that wavy element that the space, full of regular geometric shapes, needed for a well-balanced look. Another bespoke detail that draws attention is the TV zone. We created a custom TV panel that also features bookshelves and niches for art, and backlit them with soft light that created a 3D effect. The simplicity of the L-shaped sofa is paired with the unconventional designs of a coffee table and armchair. The chosen colors eliminate the antagonism of forms while creating the unity of looks.

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Even if you open all pocket doors, this kitchen will still be stunning. Hammered metal back walls of the cabinetry would radiate soft light that fill the space with a glow. If you close them, they become an ideal background for the kitchen island and dining table made of marble and wood. In each scenario, the Y-shaped lighting and chairs in chocolate leather upholstering would always complement the look.

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While a comfortable bed is an essential bedroom element, it's not the only one needed to make the sleeping area cozy, functional, and beautiful. The podium Baxter bed as a centerpiece is perfect not only for a nighttime rest but also for day naps and Netflix & chill kind of mornings. To give the room a soft light, we hung a LineaLight on the side. This solution adds a needed accent that embellishes the monotonous background. Speaking of the decoration. We thought that this bedroom shouldn’t be overstuffed with things. This is why we chose the contrasting textures and finishes as decor — you can see that in wardrobe panels and a bedside table. The final touch? A plant to enliven the space and complement the natural colors and materials used.

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Cold tones of the main bedroom contrast with the warm palette of its bathroom. We did such a switch on purpose, as it immediately sets a different mood and keeps the space dynamic. This bathroom features necessities only but sophisticated lighting solutions and bespoke accessories give this reserved interior a futuristic charm.

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In this bedroom, we have wooden panels of the reach-in wardrobe system together with wooden flooring and glossy mirrors. It gives space depth and appeals to our sense of touch and visual perception. Nothing brings more luxury to the look than expensive materials, elegant design, and a color palette that screams class. For this bedroom, we found all that in the Bonaldo bed and the Giopato & Coombes pendant lighting.

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In this bathroom we used gray marble cut into different-sized pieces that are put together like a mosaic. The bathroom features two zones — one with the shower and one with the bathroom — that are connected by the sink area in the middle. We specifically placed the tub near the panoramic windows to allow relaxation with a view.

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