City Apartment

Great combination of youth and ambition strict minimalism managed to combine in the project of the apartment of a young entrepreneur. Warm interior will plunge you into a world of tranquility after a long tiring day.

Favored by the interior of the room played a warm range of wood and stone on the walls. In conjunction with the self-leveling floor converted flat in a quiet area for relaxation.

The highlight of the apartment is a bookshelf that separates the kitchen and living room area. This solution has allowed an ideal to maintain a comfort room and make at the same time discreet, neat transition to the kitchen.

Laconic kitchen is well lit by huge panoramic windows. Operating unit for cooking is located in the center of the room, and because of this decision, the owner gets even more space for the realization of any culinary masterpiece.

The interior of the housing has been specially designed to absorb fatigue and negative for the whole day, and ready to charge fresh strength and energy to conquer new heights!