Guise - Immaterial Light

On the occasion of the next edition of Light + Building Vibia presents the new lamps for the living and contract areas. Among these Guise, the collection designed by Stefan Diez, winner of the German Design Award 2018. With Guise Stefan Diez has discovered a new potential use of the LED technology in contact with matter: The light comes out of the piece of glass, while the source remains invisible. With this approach Guise achieves a magical effect and, at the same time, is fully functional. Because of the transparency of the glass, when switched off the lamp almost disappears. When switched on it expresses a luminous and almost magnetic presence. A pattern of engraved incisions made in the borosilicate glass, created using a robotic cutting technique, refracts, radiates and reflects the light brilliantly. The Led source is located longitudinally as if it were a seam, almost imperceptible.

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